Covid-19 or Coronavirus as some know it as, has in fact stopped the world. From travel, to food, events and most importantly financial markets.

When a visitor enters your business, they could be unknowingly bringing this highly infectious virus on to your premises. it is now ever more important to invest in a visitor management system which will screen all your incoming visitors before they are granted access to your staff or premises.

All of our entree systems are unique to each and every customer, we tailor make the systems to meet requirements you have as a business. Entree Visitor Management can screen your visitors which can help during a crisis like COVID-19; visitors will be able to sign themselves  in using a touchscreen and even asking prompting questions about health, travel history and much more. Giving you the confidence to protect your business, staff and premises. Entree can provide instant communication to your team who would be alerted and informed if a high risk person walked through your doors.

We are now booking online demonstrations, you can still email us on for availability and more information.