Entrée Employee Clocking Systems

Record and manage your workforce with a system designed for your sole requirements.

Live management dashboard on the visitor management system

What is an Entrée Clocking System?

An Entrée clocking system allows workers to log their attendance and finish times through the use of an RFID card reader or integration with door access control systems like Paxton. 

What are the benefits of Entrée Staff Clocking Systems?

Accurate time recording

Clocking in and out allows employees to accurately record their start and finish times. Employees can also clock in and out for breaks if required so that an exact record of all time worked is kept. Knowing whether your employee/s are on site increases your security when faced with an emergency roll call. 

Improved payroll accuracy

Signing in a worker eliminates errors associated with manual time tracking, makes sure there is always a digital accurate record of working hours making payroll processing much easier. Eliminate guess work and assure your employees that their timesheets are digitally monitored. 

Fairness and Transparency

In some organisations there can be a judgement that some employees and departments work harder and longer than others. Recording and monitoring working hours gives an unbiased record of employee working patterns so there’s a sense of justice and reassurance. 

What type of Clocking Systems are available?

Pin code clocking in system

RFID clocking in system

Door access integration clocking in system

Paxton Net2 integrations

Bespoke software testing for your existing door access or turnstile provider

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