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The Intelligent Visitor Management System Your Staff, Contractors and Visitors Will Compliment.

Welcome visitors with a simple and easy-to-use Entrée Sign-In System. Its modern and intuitive user interface streamlines your reception area that provides mandatory data capture fields, photo ID, real-time fire evacuation lists and live information on whose on site.

“Looked impressive, but also did the job we wanted it to!”

– Richard Penn-Bourton, Three Peaks Academy

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    Entrée Contractor & Visitor Management

    Entrée is a modern and user-friendly system which replaces your old fashioned paper signing in book. Paper-based books hold no valuable information and also provide an open door for any unauthorised visitor to scribble into a book. This could be a potential risk and reputational loss to your organisation.

    Streamline your reception area with a digital  sign in solution 

    Secure and enhance compliance within your organisation with a visitor management system!  Our user friendly electronic sign-in system enhances and improves safety and compliance for your visitors, staff, contractors and pupils.

    This is a fresh new way for your business to enhance your onsite security for everyone including your site visitors.

    Designed to help you meet your organisation’s requirements, Entrée is a solution which supports you to keep track of who’s on site, as well as custom forms which allow you to capture visitor information you essentially need to enhance your reporting or audits.

    Entrée can assist when a visitor or contractor first arrives, giving your organisations overview on health and safety inductions or procedures and site rules.

    Allowing your visitor or contractor to acknowledge and agree to your health and safety procedures prior to being allowed access on to your premises, giving you the ability to share information that must be read and acknowledged as the visitor signs in. Additionally, in the event of an emergency or evacuation, Entrée Visitor Management evacuation mode provides an up-to-date and real-time list of all the visitors who are still on your premises creating a faster and safer way to evacuate.

    Entirely Customisable

    We understand each and every business is different, we can tailor the system to meet your organisation’s requirements and wishes to enhance the way your visitors are signing in.

    Customise your system to engage with staff, visitors and contractors. Allow Entrée to fit in with your organisation by marketing your branding and logos. We can also handle multiple entries and exit points and bring it all together in an easy to use management dashboard. Leaving a great lasting impression on any visitor.

    Visitor Acknowledgement on Site Rules

    We capture visitor agreements for onsite health & safety and GDPR. Entrée provides maximum security without any trouble. Allowing your reception staff to concentrate on complex queries.

    Any documentation that is part of your visitor signing in process can be added into Entrée, this would be a digital copy which will allow your staff, visitors, contractors to agree to.

    It is important for every business large or small to provide their visitor with site rules, this creates a safe working environment for both yourself and the visitor. Contractors can benefit from reading inductions and site rules keeping everyone complaint. Don’t get lost in filing allow Entrée to store this safely without any concern.

    Fast Evacuation

    In the event of an incident or emergency, your organisation’s reputation and safety of its people can be easily lost. Never face that problem again. Use a smart and digital way to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and contractors.

    Entrée keeps track of who’s on your site at all times. The system automatically and instantly updates the management dashboard. This means you are one click away for a safe and instant roll call with real-time records of visitors on a portable device.

    ID Badge Printing

    Once your visitor or contractor has signed in, a badge is printed clearly stating their details along with their photograph. It is so important for all your staff to notice an authorised visitor on your premises.

    You get visitor and contractor adhesive badges printing instantly, you can choose to have these with or without the photo. Our smart printer is a clean new look for any reception. The printer is a cost-effective solution which takes your business away from handing out visitor lanyards.