Safeguarding your school and its pupils

Enhance safeguarding in your school by accessing live reports at any time.

management dashboard

Manage your school with ease

We know the importance of any primary school, secondary school or multi-academy trust is to produce a safe and secure environment for pupils and staff. Visitor books or sign-in sheets fail to provide accurate visitor information along with creating a mountain of paperwork for your admin. Books can also be easily stolen or misplaced in a time of an emergency. 

That’s why we created Entrée Solutions. A system for schools that prioritise safeguarding. Our features have been built with the help of Bursar Managers and Headteachers who we work closely with to ensure that we are always providing the best solution for schools.

Paper visitor book

School sign-in system

MIS Integrations

Entrée integrates with many of the popular MIS systems. Handle late arrivals and early leavers by automating this process via Entrée. Collect additional information such as reasons for being late and the reasons why students may be leaving your premises. Helping you monitor student attendance effectively in the event of an emergency.

Hardware designed for 24/7 use

 We have developed our own purpose-built hardware to run seamlessly together with our intelligent software. Our hardware is designed specifically for visitor management and 24/7 public use with your choice of wall mount, desk mount. However, you can also enquire about free floor standing kiosks and unique designs for your organisation. 

Real-time reports

Stay informed about your school with key information in real-time from the management dashboard, where you can generate reports on visitors, pupils, staff and contractors.

Data is stored securely with Entrée Solutions, in compliance with all GDPR regulations, empowering you with technology whilst protecting your reputation from any compliance breaches. 

Improve safeguarding with Entrée....

Give visitors a great first impression

Improve school safeguarding for pupils, visitors and staff

Access instant fire registers on any device

View real-time reports of who is signed into your school

Integrate door access systems to help you manage Staff attendance

Print photo ID badges automatically

Integrate your MIS System to manage early leavers and late arrivals

Get all your visitors to accept and acknowledge important Safeguarding Messages

Keep your data secure and compliant with GDPR

Access an up-to-date emergency lists for evacuations

Manage pre-booking of visitors who are coming on to your premises

Contact tracing to help you during the pandemic keeping track of infection control measures

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