The User-Friendly Visitor Management system

Track and manage all your visitors, staff and contractors from one centralised system, improving safety and compliance onsite.

Live management dashboard on the visitor management system

Visitor Sign-in Solution

Welcome visitors, staff, contractors and pupils with a user friendly, efficient digital sign in solution. Our visitor management system will help improve safety and compliance onsite 

Entrée can help you....

Have a safer & smoother fire evacuation

Visitor management dashboard

Access accurate instant data

Improve efficiency with a visitor management system

Save money with self-adhesive Id badges

Improve compliance with a visitor management system

Enhance compliance

Contactless sign in

Allow your visitors, contractors and staff to seamlessly sign in using our contactless solution, providing a hygienic and safer way to sign in. Upon arrival the individual can simply  scan the QR code that is presented on the front screen of the system using their mobile device. This will take them to a webpage in which they can quickly sign in, without needing to touch the Entrée Solutions screen.

Digital documentation

Upon arrival present the individual with a digital agreement to enhance compliance onsite.

Visitors and contractors can read, review and sign your disclosure agreements, GDPR messages and health and safety documents with  ease. With digital documents you reduce the amount of paper work as well the risk of losing important documents. Our system stores all data safety and securely giving you peace of mind. 

Visitor screening

Minimise the risk of spreading infectious diseases, and protect your visitors and staff.

Screen your visitors before they enter onsite by asking a number of questions to determine if they are healthy enough to enter onsite, helping to reduce the spreading of diseases such as Covid-19. 


Email notifications sent to the host upon your visitors arrival.

Reducing the time your visitor is waiting and minimising the amount of people within your reception area.

Access a live fire register in an emergency

Have a smoother and safer fire evacuation by instantly accessing a live register of everyone that is onsite.

Schedule announcements

Stay connected with your staff and visitors by scheduling announcements when individuals are signing in/out.

Read and agree to all legal documents

Contractors can self sign and agree to all legal documents e.g. GDPR message, Health and Safety, Work permits and scope of works to ensure the contractor is kept safe and compliant whilst working onsite.

Prepare for individuals visiting your site

Pre-register contractors and visitors, and assign QR code for a faster sign in and out

Instantly access report

Access a live and historical reports to know who is onsite always

Identify which contractor is available

Scope out availability to all your contractors to get a quick/instant response of who is available to work

Print a self adhesive ID badge.

Inform other staff members that a visitor is onsite and allow them to easily spot an unauthorised guest who does not display and ID badge.

Resource Management

Manage meeting rooms, parking spaces, hot desks and other resources for all your visitors, staff and contractors.

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