Entrée contractor management system give assistance to companies who manage work that is outsourced to contract workers or subcontractors. Contractor management solutions aid with managing performance and productivity, as well as organising and managing work scopes for site visitors. It is used primarily by companies that rely on contractors for their skills and knowledge to complete specialised tasks and projects. 

Entrée contractor management software can help companies ensure that tasks are completed to company standards whilst meeting their health and safety requirements, compliance, task management, and completion tracking. Contractor management is often employed throughout construction, retail, restaurant, energy/utilities, and many other small and large organisations. 

image of visitor, staff and contractor sign in system at Smith and nephew5 reasons you should pick Entrée as your contractor management system.

  1. We have 10 years of excellence in our field working with software solutions for UK’s leading brands and businesses. 

  2. We are a cost-effective solution and an environment friendly solution for your organisation.

  3. Our contractor management system is built with feedback from direct users and managers. 

  4. Integration with important door access control systems and CSCS smart cards.

  5. Money back guarantee when you purchase an entrée system. 

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