With the Covid vaccination having a steady roll out across the UK we hope to return to some ‘normality’ soon. Despite many of us working from home there a large majority of essential businesses still open. With Staff, visitors and contractors still entering your site can you ensure that you have put the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of the virus. Here are 3 things your reception area needs to make it more Covid secure.

Protective screens.

Install protective screens at your reception desk. With a cough being a main symptom of coronavirus, it is important that there is a barrier between your receptionist and the individual entering your site to help keep that social distance. The screens can easily be cleaned to help reduce the spread. By displaying a protective screen it shows anyone that is visiting your building that your business cares for their wellbeing and health during this scary time.

Hand sanitiser

Scatter hand sanitiser around the reception area. Don’t let your staff, visitors or whoever else is visiting your site to search for hand sanitiser. We have all made washing/sanitising our hands part of our routine, which is why individuals need easy access to the products. Place bottles of hand sanitisers across the reception desk or if possible install automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to minimise contact.

Keep a record of everyone entering your site.

This is a crucial step to help minimise the spreading of the virus. You need to know exactly who has entered your building, at what time and who they visited, because if there is a positive case of Covid you can easily track back to see which individuals need to self-isolate. With a reception sign-in system such as Entrée, you can track exactly who was on your site by accessing live and historic reports. This visitor management system will also help reduce contact with the receptionist as individuals can simply enter onsite and sign in with all the necessary documents without needing the receptionist to hand out paperwork which could potentially transfer the virus. Once the person has signed in the receptionist can easily clean the screen ready for the next individual.