With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no sign of ending any time soon where does this leave touch screen users? And those looking to potentially invest into touch screens.

It’s no wonder some businesses are concerned and temporarily stopping the use of shared touch screens such as Sign-in-Systems, shared tablets, Smart Screens and shared Interactive Screens as they attempt to stem the flow of Covid-19.

The most common devices used around the workplace are Sign-in systems, Smart screens, Shared tablets and Interactive screens. These are primarily used for;

  • Track, Monitor staff, visitors and contractors.
  • Hosting virtual meetings
  • Presentations
  • Manage and correct payments of staff and contractors
  • Allows contractors to have a faster sign-in/out process with QR codes
  • Work alongside the track and trace scheme
  • Strengthen security
  • To remain GDPR compliant when processing visitor data

With this being the case, it makes simply not using them a very difficult decision or in some cases impossible not to use. With that being the case please see the best tips and advice to keep these clean and Covid-19 safe. Allowing you to utilise your systems whilst operating a Covid-19 safe practice.

The following are examples of what businesses can do in regards to touch screens they may have or are looking to implement.

Options for safe use are;

  1. Turn off your display. By turning off your screen you are protecting the electrical connection from being damaged but also it allows you to easily see the streaks and dust particles more clearly on the screen.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth instead of tissue or a paper towel. The microfiber cloth is a soft material that won’t damage your screen. By gently wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth it will ensure all germs and dust is removed.
  3. Make sure if you are using a spray DO NOT spray directly at the screen but instead slightly damp a cloth with the spray and then apply it to your screen. In regards to an iPad DO NOT use any products with containing hydrogen peroxide to clean your iPad. The iPad screens have an oleophobic coating on the screen. Using these harmful products will diminish its effect and could possible your screen. Instead wipe the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove the dust and dirt particles.

Keeping to good practices such as insisting all users regularly wash their hands, keeping hand sanitiser next to the equipment and all necessary screen cleaning equipment will not only enable you to continue to use/implement your devices but assist in control of Covid-19.