1. Save time & money.

The beauty of using Entrée is that it enables your contractors to sign themselves in without needing assistance from your receptionist. This gives your receptionist the freedom to focus on other crucial roles within the office or to even have an unmanned reception area! By using a digital sign in system, it allows you to reduce cost on constantly purchasing a paper sign in books, with the added benefit of the system being more environmentally friendly.

With Entrée Solutions you are able to pre book contractors that you know are visiting onsite this is an even quicker way for contractors to sign in. If you know a specific contractor will be visiting for a number of days you are able to assign that contractor with a unique QR code which can be sent to their email address. This will help eliminates the process of having to manually sign in each day they return to work.

2. Enhance safety and compliance

Using a paper sign in book leaves room for a number of mistakes when it comes to legal documentations. You need to ensure that each contractor has signed all legal documents before entering onsite. When using Entrée your contractors will be presented with all legal paper work whilst signing in. When signing in with entrée your contractors will be presented with all legal paper work digitally. They can then read and agree to all documents before being granted access onsite. This will ensure that no documents are left unsigned and everyone is kept compliant at all times.

You can also tailor your health and safety document with information regarding Covid19. Individuals will be asked whether they have or are currently displaying any symptoms of the virus in the past 14 days. Your visitors and staff will need to read and agree to statement before being able to enter on your site.

3. Work alongside the track and trace scheme

Now more than ever replacing your paper signing in book is crucial. By having a digital sign in system, you will know exactly who has been on your site on any particular day. If there is a case of coronavirus you can easily pull up a report of everyone in seconds to tell you exactly which visitor or staff member was in on that day. This will then allow you to take the relevant actions to decrease the spreading within your organisation.

4. Stay safe at all times!

With contractors constantly signing in and out of your building how can you keep track of who is onsite? In a fire evacuation emergency how do you account for everyone in the building using a paper book? When an emergency evacuation occurs, you need to ensure that you are safety out of the building instead of worrying about finding those paper books! One of the biggest benefits of using Entrée Solutions is the fire evacuation feature! When a fire evacuation occurs all you need to do is open up the EVM dashboard on any device with an internet connection and click the fire evacuation feature, this will then pull up a list of everyone that has signed into your building, allowing you to safely check that everyone is out of your building.

5. Always stay informed

Do your contractors know what specific jobs you want completed onsite? When your contractors are signing in they will be presented with a scope of work created by the host. This will allow them to read and agree to all the jobs that need completing. On signing out your contractor will be presented with the same scope of work. However, on signing out they will be able to tick the jobs that they have completed. This will then get sent directly to the host via email for reviewing.

6. Always stay connected

Calling individual contractors to scope out availability can be exhausting and time consuming. Entrée enables you to easily and quickly send a message out to all your contractors at once without any hassle or stress.