When collecting details for track and trace are you aware of the GDPR regulations you could be breaching?

No matter how big or small your organisation is you need to ensure that the data you are collecting for the Track and Trace scheme is kept GDPR compliant! On October 1st 2020 the data protection authority of Hamburg announced that it had fined a German subsidiary of clothing retailer H&M €35.2 million for data protection violations.

“It is vital to dispose of your paper book and implement an effective tool to record personal information.” A tool such as Entrée will ensure that all the data you collect is kept safe, secure & most importantly GDPR compliant!

Our user-friendly system securely collects details of everyone that has entered onsite, not only this but it will create both historical and live reports. If there is a positive case of coronavirus found you can easily pinpoint and contact individuals to ensure they take the necessary precautions and self-isolate for 14 days.

You can ensure individuals will only be granted access onsite once they have read and agreed to the Covid message displayed onscreen. The message will ask the individual whether they have displayed any symptoms in the last 14 days. Once they have agreed to the message the individual will be granted access onsite. An email notification will then be sent to the host to inform them that their visitor has arrived. Ensuring there is less congestion within your reception area.