At the time North Lincolnshire council were using a net 2 access control system and held a visitor book in reception but this still didn’t give them a true reflection of who was in their building. They were faced with finding a solution that would capture all users in the building to manage maximum fire occupancy.

When speaking to Zoe Rowbottom, the assistant group manager at North Lincolnshire she stated that the software integration of staff and visitors was one of the key features that sold the team on choosing Entrée Solutions. The other was the fact that they were able to make the system their own. “We made endless requests asking if the system ‘can do this or that…’ and nearly every time the team at Edit came up with a solution to my enquires, such as the customer feedback feature when users are signing out. The Edit team have been fantastic with supporting us on our journey,’

Speaking about the system Zoe stated that “Your teams’ vision and practical problem solving to link a net 2 system with a visitor management system to integrate visitor and staff recording specific to the building was one key reasons Entrée Solutions stood out from all the rest.’ Zoe went on to say that their team also loved the fact that ‘visitors were able to have a unique printed code on their cards to operate keypad security doors within the building as well as having a full fire roll call capability’

Since Entrée has been installed the team at North Lincolnshire council have been able to achieve ‘occupancy management, statistical data on trends of use of the building and full visitor management and security control. Our staff can also remotely log into the EVM system via a platform and view occupancy within the building before even leaving home, to get an idea if any areas within the building are free or approaching occupancy’

When we asked Zoe if she would recommend Entrée Solutions she answered saying ‘Yes most definitely, I have promoted this to various councils and with other key partners such as the local college and NHS’

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